Dimpled Golf® Cocktail Combo
Dimpled Golf® Cocktail Combo

Dimpled Golf® Cocktail Combo

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  • DIMPLED GOLF® - The gloss white hammered design looks very similar to a golf ball and will be a favorite for all golf enthusiasts and weekend hackers! This product won the Buyer's Choice Award at the Annual PGA Merchandise Show!
The patent pending 30oz SIC Cocktail Shaker was designed and built with you in mind. Traditional cocktail shakers sweat and make your hands cold, but with our double wall technology this shaker will allow you to make the perfect cocktail with warm hands and no melted ice! This is the perfect gift for the home bartender or cocktail enthusiast.
  • 30oz SIC Tumbler (Normally $29.99)
  • SIC Shaker Lid (Normally $9.99)
  • 30oz Splash Proof Lid
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