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SELECTED SIC Cocktail Kit (Hammered Copper)
SELECTED SIC Cocktail Kit (Hammered Copper)

SIC Cocktail Kit (Hammered Copper)




It's official! We have created the best home bartender kit the world have ever seen!

Kit Includes:

  • 30oz Stainless Steel Tumbler                Value:              $24.99
  • 30oz SIC Shaker Lid                              Value:              $10.00
  • Two 12oz hammered copper tumblers   Value:              $39.98


Kit Price: $74.97              

Home bartenders pay attention! This is not your everyday cocktail shaker or hammered copper lowball… After polling countless home bartender mixologists and Moscow mule aficionados, we determined that cocktail shakers and lowball tumblers that sweat just aren’t acceptable.

The SIC shaker is in a league all of it’s own! Completely vacuum insulated from top to bottom resulting in: Zero sweat on your counter tops – No spills or leaking – No more melted ice resulting in watered down cocktails!

CHEERS to a sweat free cocktail experience!