About us

This company isn’t about us. It is about the SIC brand that we have created and the incredible journey that we are excited to go on with you but hey you clicked on this button so you must want to hear a little bit about our story.

The founders (Erik and Bobby) have been friends for years. They met when their wives taught elementary school together in Jacksonville, Florida.  We all quickly became close friends as we share many common interests and we found ourselves spending more and more time together.  For some odd reason, it seemed regardless of where we were enjoying each other’s company, it always seemed that we had a cold drink in our hand or very close to us!

We know that we aren’t alone in this passion for a great cup or bottle that can be with you all day – keep your coffee piping hot in the morning and keep your drink ice cold in the afternoon (or before noon – we don’t judge)!  We decided to create a brand for like minded people that embodies the “Work Hard Play Hard” mentality.  We designed our original 30oz prototype in 2014 in five different powder coated colors (when our competitors only offered stainless steel). We showed them to some of our close friends and everyone said the same thing "Those are sick". That is when the SIC "Seriously Ice Cold" brand was started.! Since that day, we have added 10 additional sizes, hundreds of different colors and designs and saved millions of single use plastic bottles from polluting our planet.

Our vision of SIC is much more than just a cup label, we strive to invoke a lifestyle image that takes you to your happy spot.  It doesn’t matter if that spot happens to be on a boat, at a party, working the grill, on a beach, or anywhere else – our SIC cups will be just as excited as you will to be there with you in your happy spot!

Cheers & Get SIC!