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SIC News & Events

Backyard bbq's & Tailgating

by SIC Blogger |

      Many people associate the Fall with the changing of the leaves, cool weather, holiday shopping and the kids being back in school. All of these are great, but when we think about the Fall, we think about backyard bbq's & tailgating. So many people ask "what is the key to a great backyard...

Insulated Drinkware Perfect For Boating & Wakeboarding

by SIC Blogger |

Just the thought of boating should bring a smile to anyone's face! I think we would all agree that we would trade in 2 lane roads and traffic congestion for the open water and the freedom that it brings!  For some reason when we are on the water, it just feels natural to have...

International Gin & Tonic Day

by SIC Blogger |

October 19th is Gin & Tonic day. We want to help you get prepared for this very important holiday by helping you create the perfect Gin & Tonic. This may sound pretty silly for a drink with 2 ingredients and doesn't require shaking or stirring. With just 2 ingredients we recommend using good gin and good tonic... Below are a few of our top...