Retailer FAQS

1. What is the minimum order?

It is currently only 1 case which includes 24 cups.

2. What is the warranty?

We offer an unmatched Lifetime Warranty even if the cup has been customized, as long as it was customized by one of our authorized retailers. This is a huge selling point if you are a customizer of cups as nobody else can offer this.

3. Can you get multiple color cups in a case?

Yes, our retailers love that we now offer multiple colors in a single case.

4. How long does it take to ship?

90% of orders ship out the following business day

5. What is the biggest difference between you and other companies?

a) Lifetime warranty even after customization – completely unmatched.
b) Powder Coating – We offer high quality powder coated colors straight from the factory and are constantly adding new colors.
c) Inventory – We keep a large inventory to make sure our retailers do not run out of supply.
d) Customer Service – We love our customers! Send us an email at and see how quickly we get back to you.
e) Built in revenue model with our MAPP agreement. Your customers will not be able to find an advertised price any better than yours so why wouldn’t they buy from you.
f) Online Ordering – After you are approved as an authorized retailer, you will be able to order online 24 hours a day

6. Do I need to have a business to be an authorized retailer?

Yes you need to have a business license as well as a sales & use tax certificate

7. How do I get signed up?

Send an email to with a copy of your sales & use tax certificate as well as your business license and we will get you the link to our online seller portal!